Ramona MANESCU MEP condemns the persecution of lawyers and human rights defenders Ana Ursachi and Eduard Rudenco in Moldova

Moldova signed and ratified the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment. Ms. Manescu MEP calls on the Moldovan authorities to act according with their own engagements towards the Moldovan citizens, towards the European Union and the international institutions.

The rule of law, the respect of human rights and freedoms, democracy and governance transparency – all are not just words – they are the foundation stones of stability, prosperity and a better future for the citizens of any country. Furthermore, the absolute independence of justice and the separation of powers are mandatory for the credibility of authorities in front of their own citizens.

This is why it must be reminded that the human rights and democracy situation is under permanent scrutiny by the European Union and its institutions, including the European Parliament. Particularly, the Subcommittee on Human Rights of the European Parliament is fully aware of the numerous cases of persecution of political opponents and human rights activists.

Ms. Ramona Manescu, Member of the European Parliament and its Committee on Foreign Affairs and Subcommittee on Human Rights strongly condemns the ongoing persecution campaign against Ms Ana Ursachi, a prominent Moldovan lawyer and human rights defender, and her colleague Mr. Eduard Rudenco.

Therefore, Ms. Manescu, MEP, strongly condemns the current situation and the practice of political misuse of prosecutor’s offices, courts, media outlets and other forms of public services in Moldova against lawyers, human rights defenders, civic activists or even independent judges.

Ms. Ursachi and Mr Rudenco recently became victims of intimidating and defamatory campaigns. These actions are linked to their professional activity and legal defence of some high political figures from Chisinau.

For instance, Ms. Ursachi has been acting as a defence lawyer in a criminal and politically motivated case of Mr. Vyacheslav Kobalyev-Platon, a Moldovan-Ukrainian citizen, unlawfully extradited from Ukraine to Moldova and detained for being a key witness in a case regarding Mr. Plahotniuc’s alleged heist of $1 billion from Moldova’s state budget; as well as the case of Mr. Sergiu Cibotari, a Moldovan citizen and a former employee of the state enterprise Post of Moldova, initially detained for planning to present to the special parliamentary commission evidence concerning the smuggling plot involving Post of Moldova and its management.


Source: eppgroup.eu