Petition:  “Wir glauben wirklich an die Notwendigkeit, persönliche Sanktionen gegen den Diktator Moldawiens Vladimir Plahotniuc anzuwenden”

We believe that the Administration of the President Trump must apply personal sanctions, according to the Magnitsky Act, to the dictator of Moldova, the chairman of the Democratic Party of Moldova – Vladimir Plahotniuc and his entourage.

The citizen Plahotniuc took power in the Republic of Moldova through corruption and blackmail. Having subordinated all the law enforcement agencies to himself, he trampled down freedom and democracy.

If the Administration of the President Trump will not help the Moldovan people to stop the distraught beast in time, then in their impunity the Moldovan authorities will reach the murders.

Accepting the Magnitsky Act, the USA committed itself to help the peoples of the whole world in deliverance from the criminal Rulers that terrorise their citizens.