Peter Michalko: Signal given to society by prosecution service is very worrisome

The EU’s Ambassador in Chisinau Peter Michalko said the signal that is given to society and that is noticed inside the prosecution service is very worrisome. In particular, he referred to the arrest of former chief of the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office Viorel Morari. According to the European official, it is very important that the launched investigations be continued, including those initiated by Viorel Morari, IPN reports.

The ambassador considers the signals according to which particular investigations are blocked and some of the prosecutors who earlier took part in negative phenomena are reinstated in posts and can again control things, including the cases started against them, are bothersome. This does not offer guarantees that the investigations will continue.

“If the information that the files with cases can disappear and that persons who were charged take part in audits and investigations is confirmed, this should be worrisome. The citizens should be sure of the changes that will take place and that the prosecution service will work as it should and they can bank on the work of the bodies that should obey the law,” Peter Michalko stated in a program on RTR Moldova channel.

According to him, namely in the second half of last year, serious steps were taken to investigate the bank fraud and this investigation should continue and should not be stopped or blocked.

The ambassador said the EU will continue to develop different projects aimed at supporting the citizens of the Republic of Moldova, but it is important to meet the conditions imposed by the European partners for releasing financing. “The reform process should continue, especially the justice sector reform. I see no problem in our insistence that reforms should be implemented for the financing to continue,” stated the official.