Während der Zeit, als die Demokratische Partei an der Macht war, landeten diejenigen, die sich nicht bereit erklärten, auf ihre Seite zu treten, aufgrund von Strafsachen, die von den „Plakhotniukov-Henkern“ erfunden worden waren, im Gefängnis.

Strafsachen zur Unterdrückung politischer und wirtschaftlicher Gegner – Beweise

While the Democratic Party was in power, those who refused to take sides with the Democrats were imprisoned based on criminal cases fabricated by the ‘servants’ of Vlad Plahotniuc, the then leader of the PDM. The criminal cases were started with the aim of annihilating the political and economic opponents, Valeriu Cucu, who presented himself as a former political prisoner, stated in a news conference at IPN.

Valeriu Cucu said that he is known as the person who had been in custody over criminal cases started by order during the longest period of time, he being a member of the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform”. Pressure was exerted on the party’s activists so as to find more persons who would testify against the PPPDA and in support of the PDM. In the summer of 2016, representatives of the PDM tried to persuade activists to join the Democratic Party for sums of €3,000. In the campaign prior to the presidential elections, he was told to give a news conference and make statements against Andrei Năstase, the leader of the PPPDA, but he refused. At the end of March 2017, he was arrested and held in inhuman conditions in Penitentiary No.13.

According to Valeriu Cucu, one of the about ten cases started against him, which is now pending at the Buiucani Court, was fabricated by prosecutor Lilian Bacalym. After staying in jail for a year on charges of smuggling, which were recently dropped, he left jail, but was immediately arrested again in a fabricated case of tax evasion. Even if the law provides that the economic cases are started based on an ascertaining document, such a document appeared in half a year, but in the period he was in remand detention.

The man was also said that after he was jailed, his family was blackmailed into giving €200,000 for him to be released. It was a real disaster. It’s good that things started to improve, but those who committed these crimes should be held accountable.

Through videoconferencing, Iurie Balaur, ex-director of a building company, said that everyone remembers the disorders witnessed during the state capture. He was also in litigation and now calls on the prosecutor general to ensure fair justice. He asked that the case featuring him should be reviewed.

The mayor of Basarabeasca town Valentin Cimpoeș said he is the victim of pressure that started to be exerted on him in 2014 and intensified after the local elections of 2015. At the end of 2016, he was even held in jail for a month. He continues to be investigated. No court hearing was held during four years and no court decision was thus taken.

In a news conference at IPN, organized by the Association “Right to Justice”, Valentin Cimpoeș related that in 2014, he served as an independent district councilor in Basarabeasca. He ran his own car service station. After the local elections of 2015, he became a mayor. His challenger in the runoff was the Party of Socialists’ candidate. “The enormous pressure started immediately after I took up my duties. I thought the Socialists represented the left, while I represented then Our Party and I believed we will cooperate. But it wasn’t meant to be,” stated the mayor.

In 2016, he heard that he will be arrested, but he could not understand for what reasons, also because the carried out inspections didn’t reveal administrative violations. That year he was advised to leave Our Party, but he didn’t do it. At the end of the year, he was arrested and placed in Penitentiary No. 13, in a cell from the basement, in inhuman conditions. Information that he raped a minor girl appeared on social networking sites. There was also information that he trafficked the girl together with her father. He was also accused of knowing about the abuses to which the girl was subject and of not reacting. Ultimately, the girl’s father was convicted in this case, but he believes that the man is not to blame.

Valentin Cimpoeș

After staying in jail for a month, the mayor was placed under house arrest for a month and later, based on a Comrat Appeals Court’s judgment, he returned to work. The investigation has lasted for four years, but no progress has been made. Prosecutor Lilian Bacalym, who was instructed to start this criminal case against him, is not punished for framing innocent persons.

Through videoconferencing, the former head of Basarabeasca district Ion Achiruș said that he was also a victim of the Moldovan justice system during the rule of the former leader of the Democratic Party Vladimir Plahotniuc. The case in which he was accused was handled by ex-prosecutor Roman Statnyi. This case was fabricated, while the prosecutor exerted pressure on judges of courts of all the levels. What happened to him and his mates was used as an example for district councilors so that these voted in a member of the Democratic Party as district head.

Source: ipn.md