The Union of Pensioners of Moldova has proposed to vote no-confidence in the Government of Prime Minister Pavel Filip “for its inertia in handling the crying problems faced by the grassroots”, reads the Declaration, which the Union is going to send to the Moldovan Parliament, President and to foreign embassies in Chisinau.

Union Chairman Victor Leanca stated at a news conference on Thursday that it is the authorities’ sacred duty to take care of the people who have worked for Moldova their whole lives.

“We sought a meeting with Premier Filip to propose him solutions to our problems, but he is a very busy man, promising such meeting to us for over 2 months now. Moldova is home to over 700 thousand pensioners that need help due to utter poverty – lack of money just for survival. Pensioners are the quietest and the most non-demanding category of citizens, who want to live up their final days peacefully, but the state would not provide such a possibility to us. We survive at the expense of our children working abroad and not thanks to the state care by our authorities”, said the organization chairman.

In his words, the government is preoccupied entirely on political games and has completely forgotten about its main duty – to work for improving citizens’ life.

“We have elected them by ourselves in a hope for changes for the better in the country, but they appear to be caring only about voting system changing. Our foreign partners cannot in fact help us because due to total corruption in the country the foreign money eventually precipitates in the pockets of our state officials. In our Declaration, we put our signatures against changing of the current electoral system being sought by Dodon and Plahotniuc. We are demanding to cancel the law by which the authorities have laid the burden of repaying the stolen billion euros on the population’s shoulders. And we are demanding to raise pensions up to the minimal subsistence level”, said Victor Leanca.

Union activists are proposing to raise pensions by maximum 40%, depending on their size. Thus, they believe that pensions of up to 3,000 lei a month must be increased by 40%, of up to 4,000 lei – by 10%, and up to 5,000 lei – by 5%.