Die Streichung des „Stillestags“ bei den Wahlen legitimiert die politische Korruption

The annulment of “silence day” in elections legalizes political corruption at practical level because the representatives of the power will unrestrictedly walk on the streets and l offer presents and money and will say that this is electoral agitation, member of the Standing Political Bureau of the Party “Action and Solidarity” Sergiu Litvinenko was quoted by IPN as saying in a program in TVR channel.

“There were no agitators on the streets on the election day until now. If these were, they were hiding. Now, together with this amendment, persons dressed in coats with roses at the chest and with bags will say these are symbolic presents,” stated Sergiu Litvinenko. According to him, such a project could radicalize society as different conflicts would appear on the election day.

Secretary general of the Party “Platform Dignity and Truth” Kiril Moțpan said not all the aspects of the problem were taken into account. “I fear this permission will antagonize society even more that day. I don’t know what the goal of our governors is, but even if they have a good intention, they are no longer credible,” he stated.

On November 7, the Parliament’s legal commission for appointments and immunities approved a bill to amend an article of the Election Code and exclude the “silence day”, which is the day before the election day, when electoral agitation is banned. The problem appeared after the courts of law invalidated the Chisinau mayoral elections for the reason that the PPDA leader Andrei Năstase campaigned on the day when the law bans doing this.

Source: ipn.md