Pensioners’ Union announces protest rally on Independence Day

The Pensioners’ Union of Moldova will organize a protest rally outside the Parliament building on August 27, during the Independence Day, to complain about the state of affairs in the country. The Union’s leaders told a press conference at IPN that the national holiday is a good occasion to alert the people about the vulnerable situation of elderly persons who have to live on tiny pensions.

Union chairman Victor Leanca said that the low pensions and the high prices are worsening the problems faced by the elderly in Moldova. This motivated them to issue an alarm signal. The Union head urged the pensioners to join efforts and attend the protest. “Our life is increasingly difficult and deplorable. The situation demands us to take action”, said Leanca.

Mihai Postavan, representative of the Pensioners’ Union in Buiucani district, added that after 26 years of independence, the pensioners are worried about the state of affairs in the country. According to him, none of the governments that came and went did anything to improve the quality of life for the people. “We’ll mark the Independence Day with tears and pain in our hearts. Our pensions are low, the prices too high. The exodus of our children and grandkids is eating at us every day”, he added.

Nicolae Stratulat, first deputy of the Union chairman, stressed that a country that doesn’t take of its citizens is destined to perish. He accused the country’s leaders during the 26 years of Independence of accumulating wealth at the expense of the people. According to him, if the elderly are unhappy, it means the whole country is unhappy. “It’s tough, we are living poorly, we cannot remain silent. The indexation we got in April is very low, what can you buy with 6 lei”, complained Stratulat.

The representatives of the Pensioners’ Union will gather on August 27, between 10 and 11 AM, in the square of the Maria Biesu Ballet and Opera Theater. At 11 AM, they will march towards the statue of Stephen the Great, where they will lay flowers. Afterwards, they will move to the Parliament square to protest.