The US State Department Report on Trafficking in Persons for 2020 was published on 25 June. It reflects the states‘ efforts to prevent and combat human trafficking in 2019, the government’s communication and protocol department has reported.

Moldawien bleibt in Bezug auf Menschenhandel in der Rangliste


According to the Report, the government has shown a growing effort in this area compared to the previous period. Thus, Moldova remained at the Tier 2 * level in the ranking established by the US State Department.

The report includes a number of recommendations for state authorities in the fight against trafficking in human beings, in particular the implementation of measures to combat corruption in the judiciary, the protection of investigating officers and prosecutors from external influence and internal corruption; pro-active identification of victims of trafficking in human beings, including undocumented migrants, and referral to assistance services; strengthening the capacity of law enforcement agencies for a victim-centered approach in criminal investigations and prosecutions, increasing access to placement and rehabilitation services for victims of child trafficking; rethinking the mechanism for carrying out on-the-job inspections, especially unannounced ones.