Petition to the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science of the Republic of Moldova to recognize and respect the right of all nationalities to equal treatment and, in this regard, to rethink the single ethnos name from the name of the general school discipline, without limiting itself to the individual opinions of certain officials of the Ministry

Für die Nichtdiskriminierung im Namen der Nationalen Geschichte in der Republik Moldau


Wie Sie wissen, heißt das Fach, in dem die Geschichte des unabhängigen Staates der Republik Moldau studiert wird, „Geschichte der Rumänen und Weltgeschichte“.


That such a name of the school subject remains unique in the world (after neighbouring Romania has modernized this aspect of national education, when joining the EU), contrary to both international and European conventions signed by the Republic of Moldova, as well as to national legislation that qualifies such as being racial segragation(segregare rasială);