Call for assistance to lay out play area in the prison Rusca

Activist Domnica Cemortan and the community “Ask a Mom” call on the Ministry of Justice to implement a project to set up a playroom for children at the women’s penitentiary in Rusca. Domnica Cemortan, in a news conference at IPN, said she initially was told by the penitentiary’s administration that an area for a playroom will be allotted, but this later changed its mind.

“Following a number of visits to Rusca, we understood that these children are kept only inside and do not enjoy children’s food. They are practically invisible. To ensure the physical, mental and intellectual development of these children, we proposed setting up a playroom,” stated the activist.

Domnica Cemortan said that together with the community “Ask a Mom” and from abroad, they collected all the things needed to outfit a playroom. When everything was ready, in eight months of the launch of the project “Prison babies without childhood”, the director of the Rusca penitentiary said they do not have available spaces even if they were initially promised an area of six square meters.

“For me, this is not an argument. Even those six square meters promised initially were enough for us. After we gathered everything we needed, they told us that we no longer have access and there is no place. We have such a simple and nice project, but they place hindrances in our way,” stated Domnica Cemortan.

The representative of “Ask a Mom” Cristina Mastac Comerzan said the mothers of their community supported from the very beginning this initiative and were very receptive, contributing clothes, footwear and basic necessities.

“We are mothers and want the kids to enjoy want’s best. I think the mothers in Rusca want the same thing,” stated Cristina Deliu Soltan, one of the mothers who signed the petition.

Domnica Cemortan said that if no one helps them, the mothers will mount a protest in front of the Ministry of Justice.