Dmitri Vrubel was a contemporary Russian painter and a descendant oft he famous Russian painter, sculptor, ceramist and set designer, Mikhail Vrubel (March 17th, 1856 – April 14th, 1910), whose most famous work is the painting „Daemon“.

The most famous work by Michail Vrubel’s great-great-grandson, Dmitri Vrubel, is „Bruderkuss“. Dmitri Vrubel came to Berlin right after the political change 1989 and was inspired by the freedom that was in the air for his second most important work „Deutsche, wie beneide ich euch“.

At that time Russia lived with the Brezhnevism. These two works are in our „Mauermuseum-Museum Haus am Checkpoint Charlie“.

His „Bruderkuss“ is also part oft he „East Side Gallery“ in Berlin.


Dmitri Vrubel was a close friend oft the „Mauermuseum- Museum Haus am Checkpoint Charlie“ and consulted the founder of our useum, Dr. Rainer Hildebrandt (December 14th, 1914 – January 9th, 2004), lived and worked in his private house.

Alexandra Hildebrandt, director oft he „Mauermuseum- Museum Haus am Checkpoint Charlie“: „We are sad about Dmitri Vrubel. He left us far too early. His works in ou museum are a pemanent, lasting memory oft he artist, who always painted the truth.“

Vrubel leaves behind a widow and a child.


Mauermuseum- Museum Haus am Checkpoint Charlie