It goes to ill-treatment, illegal and abusive arrests made by the prosecutor’s offices and judges of inquiry and to shortcomings related to the right to a fair trial, access to justice, private life, right of ownership, etc.

Prison no. 13. Chisinau.

This was stated by Vadim Vieru, director of programmes at Promo-LEX.

According to the lawyer, the percentage of complaints sent to the ECHR that are declared admissible and reach the stage of examination is quite small. It is about 5-6%. The ECHR is not a solution to all problems, the lawyer stressed.

If we talk about the number of convictions against Moldova, there are about 20-30 on average per year. “It may seem that this number is small, but compared to other countries it is quite a large number of rulings.

The number of complaints lodged by Moldovan citizens varies from year to year. In 2021, about 600 complaints from Moldova were lodged with the ECtHR. This figure has decreased compared to 2019-2020, when the number reached one thousand.