Azerbaijan (Azeri Azərbaycan.), The official name – the Republic of Azerbaijan (Azeri Azərbaycan Respublikası.) – A state in the eastern part of the Caucasus on the Caspian Sea, it refers to the Near East and the Middle East, as well as, according to some sources, partly to Eastern Europe. The population, according to estimates for January 2016 is 9 705 600 people, the area – 86 600 square kilometers, in both of these indicators it is the largest country in the Caucasus. It ranks 91 in the world in terms of population and 112 in territory.
Capital – Baku. Official language – Azerbaijani. It is a secular state.
Azerbaijan – a multinational and multi-confessional country. Most of the country’s population is Muslim, with minority groups of Christians and Jewish.
A unitary state, a presidential republic. Divided into 66 districts, 11 cities of republican subordination and 1 autonomous republic – Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. Part of the territory of Azerbaijan controlled by the unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, a part – by Armenia (exclaves Kyarki, Barkhudarly, Sofulu, Upper Askipara). As a result, the country has about one million refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs).
It is neighboring with the Caspian Sea. It has land borders with Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Iran and Turkey.

Baku, Azerbaijan

Interfase (Photo 1) and Vago (Photo 2) via Wikimedia Commons

ISHR Section Azerbaijan

On December 23, 1992 Azerbaijan National Group (ANG) of International Society for Human Rights was created. The founders of the organization are scientists, human rights activists, intellectuals, who after the collapse of the Soviet Union, wanted to be useful to society and citizens. The organization was officially registered in the Ministry of Justice on 3 February 1993. Its mission – to protect human rights and education; the main objective – the protection of all human rights, as reflected in the International Declaration of Human rights, development and implementation of plans, as well as the promotion of democracy and civil society.

ANG ISHR conducts its activities in cooperation with various NGOs, representatives of civil society which are engaged in human rights activities.

The activity of ANG ISHR is conducted by members and followers in the capital and regions of the country. The organization has about 230 active members across the country.

Source: VartanM., inset: K.Musser, via Wikimedia Commons


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Ученого-азербайджанца приговорили к смертной казни Верховный суд Ирана утвердил смертный приговор суда первой инстанции в отношении ученого-азербайджанца Ахмеда Резы Джелали. Отметим, что в октябре этого года суд первой инстанции обвинил Джелали в шпионаже на том

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Совет Европы запустил против Азербайджана специальную процедуру Комитет министров Совета Европы принял решение запустить специальную процедуру в отношении Азербайджана за неисполнение решения Европейского суда по правам человека (ЕСПЧ) от 2014 года по делу лидера ReAl

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EU warns about responsibility for commercial activities in occupied territories of Azerbaijan The European Union (EU) companies have been warned about the responsibility in engaging in any commercial activity in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan

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