Lawyer of German citizen accuses authorities of R. Moldova of unfairly treating her client


Lawyer Angela Procopciuc called on Moldovan law enforcement agencies to take necessary action in order to protect German citizen Friedrich Maier from human rights violations. According to the lawyer, the German was a “victim due to being too trustful”.

The lawyer of a German citizen alleges that her client, although he was conned and detained without grounds several times, is unfairly targeted in a criminal investigation in Moldova. In an IPN press conference, lawyer Angela Procopciuc said that her client, Friedrich Maier, is accused of falsifying an official document via his representative, of which he does not know. Additionally, the German is accused of allegedly depriving his former partner of his share of statutory capital in a construction company that was founded in the Republic of Moldova.

The lawyer said that it all started in 2002-2004, when Friedrich Maier accepted to be the co-founder of a foreign capital company in the Republic of Moldova. Because he was in Germany, he granted the power of attorney in order to be represented in the company.

According to the lawyer, the German citizen has been detained twice, in Bulgaria and Bosnia and Herzegovina, on the grounds that he is wanted internationally. However, in both cases he was released because the Moldovan authorities did not present conclusive evidence of his guilt and his extradition was refused.

The lawyer said that the Moldovan Prosecutor’s Office refused to issue copies of the indictments, the request for the preventive measure and other documents related to this file. Angela Procopciuc said that her client’s fundamental rights have been violated, because he was investigated twice, which is forbidden.

Angela Procopciuc said that she has presented evidence that Friedrich Maier does not avoid justice, that he has a permanent residence in Germany, he wants to collaborate, he wants to be heard, he wants the investigation to carry on and he wants for the truth to emerge. In her last request to the Prosecutor’s Office, the lawyer requested that the investigation be moved to the accused’s place of residence in Germany, but for the time being she did not receive a response.