ISHR Ukraine provides humanitarian help in Cherkasy, Sumy and Poltava regions

Cherkasy region. Monastyryshe. 

The IAC ISHR delivered 13 boxes of clothes from the Italian humanitarian cargo for refugees. Many people who ran away from home at the end of winter did not take spring clothes with them. Thanks to our friends from Europlus Bari-Naples, we have supported about a hundred people. 

Also over the weekend, the IAC ISHR organized the distribution of 50 food packages to refugee families, as well as provided babies with baby food, diapers and other hygiene products.

🙏🏼 Thanks to our partners, we can increase the amount of assistance and, of course, cover more cities and centers that provide support to people who find themselves in a difficult situation due to hostilities.

💙 And now we are again packing goods for this city (including food, hygiene products and toys), which has sheltered more than 4,000 refugees. 

Sumy region

We received a video of gratitude from Putivl 💙 last week we sent food for adults and little children, hygiene products and medicines there.

Thanks to the work of our volunteers, a significant part of the aid is transferred directly to the people in need. And that means 100% reaches people, not stopping at any warehouse for a long storage 🙏🏼

Stay kind 💙 Be with ISHR!

Poltava region. Shishaki.

Last week, the IAC ISHR organized the distribution of food packages, and was also able to help several families with food, hygiene and medicines. In addition, we were able to provide the necessary supplies to one of the centers for refugees on the basis of the lyceum. 38 people from the Kharkov region live in the lyceum, including two children and elderly people. Volunteers donated food, as well as washing powder, soap and toilet paper to the lyceum.

Stay kind 💙 Be with ISHR!

More photos and information you will find on the official IAC ISHR Facebook page!