ISHR team provide humanitarian aid in Sumy, Poltava and Zaporizhzhia regions

On March 31, 2023, the ISHR team delivered Javel-Clade water disinfectant to Putivl water utility (Sumy region), that is an important step in improving the quality of water supply in the region. The product, used to treat water, is highly effective and will help ensure the safety of local residents’ water consumption for more than a year.

ISHR has ensured that residents will be able to use tap water and be confident in its quality and safety.

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The ISHR team has developed software which operates as a tool to simplify the process of registering for and receiving assistance from ISHR. After registering in the system, users receive a personal QR code which they can use to get humanitarian aid without having to re-register.

In the villages of Zhorzhivka and Prishib (Poltava region), the software was successfully tested and individual hygiene kits for local residents were distributed.

This reduces the time and effort required to register for each new action. In addition, this approach allows for more efficient organisation of humanitarian aid distribution and activities in different regions of Ukraine.

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On April 7, 2023, ISHR distributed 49 sets of warm clothing and blankets in Velykyi Pereviz (Poltava region). This means that people in need of warmth and comfort received the necessary materials to maintain their health and well-being.

Such an event can have a positive effect on the lives of local residents, including reducing morbidity and improving general health conditions. It also shows the importance of humanitarian programmes and organisations that help people in difficult situations.

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This week, ISHR visited three health facilities in Poltava region: Mirhorod hospital, a general treatment hospital in Velyki Sorochintsy village and Shyshaki hospital.

The main goal was to support hospitals and people who seek medical help. For this purpose, we donated 22 stationary kits containing antibiotics, antipyretics, antivirals, painkillers, sprays, thermometers and other necessary medical supplies to each of the health facilities visited.

The health institutions that received the kits expressed their gratitude and said that such support would greatly help them in their work with patients and in providing primary health care in the region.

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📦 The ISHR team continues to provide aid and support to Zaporizhzhia region. Last week we visited the Matviivska General Education Sanatorium Boarding School for children with chronic respiratory diseases.

In order to improve the educational process, we donated all the necessary stationery for study and developmental activities. This will certainly help pupils to receive a better education and develop in accordance with their potential.

Matviivska General Education Sanatorium Boarding School is a place where 256 children study and live. Our support and care will help them to improve their living and educational conditions.

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