ISHR team provides humanitarian aid in Ukrainian territorial communities

📦 ISHR supports medical institutions in different regions of Ukraine, including Zaporizhzhia.

During our work in Zaporizhzhia region, ISHR team visited five general treatment hospitals No. 1, No. 2, No. 3 in Vilnyanska territorial community, as well as general treatment hospitals in the villages of Matviyivka and Kamiane, where we delivered 42 standard medical kits. The kits contain various medicines needed to improve the health of patients seeking care and help in hospitals.

Among the medicines donated as part of these humanitarian aid campaigns there were antipyretics, painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs, and medicines for other diseases.

This improves the quality of medical care and treatment for patients living in remote areas who do not always have the opportunity to receive the necessary medicines on time.

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On April 13, ISHR team went to the Dnipro Geriatric Nursing Home to deliver 605 individual hygiene kits, 150 kits for people with disabilities and 1 sanitary kit.

When we arrived, the staff of the nursing home was already waiting for us and were very happy. According to them, the humanitarian kits are a very important help for their residents, including people with disabilities and the elderly. The aid was provided with the support of CARE International.

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🚛 On April 18, ISHR started delivering the next humanitarian kits to the affected territorial communities. More than 4,000 sets with food, hygiene products and household appliances have already been sent to:

– Zaporizhzhia region for Vilnyansk and Matviyivka territorial communities (1000 hygiene kits);

– Sumy regions for Putivl and Novoslobidska territorial communities (312 hygiene kits, 536 food kits), for Putivl Lyceum No. 1 (10 sanitary kits, 1 boiler and 1 washing machine);

– Poltava region for Myrhorod and Shishaky territorial communities (761 hygiene kits, 937 food kits), as well as to the Myrhorod hospital (6 sanitary kits, 3 boilers, 3 washing machines), to the Shishaky hospital (16 sanitary kits, 2 boilers), to the Sahaidaky educational complex (3 sanitary kits and 3 boilers);

– Kyiv region for Pirna territorial community (327 hygiene kits) and for Ivankiv territorial community (327 food kits).

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🚛 On April 18, 2023, ISHR delivered 327 food kits to the residents in need who live in Ivankiv territorial community of Vyshgorod district (Kyiv region).

The food kits were distributed among people in difficult life situations who need help. Our work will help to cover some of the basic needs of the residents, especially taking into account the lack of good working infrastructure caused by the spring floods. ISHR is doing important work by helping people in need.

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