Germany hosts almost 900,000 refugees from Ukraine

Archiv: Geflüchtete aus der Ukraine kommen mit einem Zug aus Warschau am Berliner Hauptbahnhof an. © Quelle: IMAGO/Marius Schwarz

More than 870,000 refugees from Ukraine have arrived in Germany since the start of the war, with around 350,000 of them registering at employment centres across the country, RND reported citing figures from the Federal Employment Agency (Bundesagentur für Arbeit, BA) on Monday, 11 July.

A total of 876,461 Ukrainians came to Germany, the BA said. Employment centres and similar municipal institutions registered 353,424 people, including 265,000 of working age. 121 thousand Ukrainians have applied for child allowances, RND writes.

Most of the newcomers are women with children.

Since the war started, 144,000 integration courses have been approved for the new Ukrainians, special classes that help foreigners get used to everyday life in the country, learn the language and find jobs.