Ukrainians in Poland may receive an additional allowance from the Red Cross

Such a service is currently available in Łódź County. This is discussed on the Red Cross website.

Who can receive the allowance?

Ukrainian citizens who have arrived in Poland since 24 February 2022, have not received financial assistance from other humanitarian organisations (the state benefit is not taken into account) and meet one of the following criteria

are members of a family consisting of one adult and at least one child under the age of 18 or an elderly person (over 50 years old);
are members of a family headed by an elderly person (over 50 years old);
are members of a family with two or more dependants who are under 18 or over 50 years of age;
are members of a family with one or more persons with special needs.

What kind of money are we talking about?

The allowance is PLN 710 for the first family member and PLN 610 for each additional person (up to 5 persons) per month for 4 months.
What documents do I have to present?
Identity documents: passport of a citizen of Ukraine, ID-card of a citizen of Ukraine, internal passport of a citizen of Ukraine, foreigner’s passport with residence permit, birth certificate (for children and teenagers).


How to apply?

You may apply via special application “Support”, which should be downloaded to your smartphone:

Google Play;

App Store.

It is also important to choose the head of the family who will apply, as one family can only apply once and you should have at least two means of communication so that the Red Cross can contact you (WhatsApp, Viber, SMS , E-Mail).
The application will take around 2 weeks to process.
Where will the money go?
You can get the money to an account in one of the Ukrainian banks: PrivatBank, Monobank, Oschadbank or A-Bank. You can receive cash through any MoneyGram branch by providing the agent with a special code.

You can learn more about the program by calling

  • Polish toll-free line (free for subscribers in Poland; cannot be used outside Poland): +48 800 088 136;
  • Polish DID line (caller pays for the call; available for calls outside Poland) +48 22 152 06 20.