Several categories of Ukrainians who have left for Romania because of the war can count on monetary assistance from the Red Cross.

Ukrainians in Romania can receive payments from the Black Cross / Photo: Getty Images, Colage: Ciogodni


According to the organisation’s website, to get support, you have to fill out an application and wait for its approval, Segodnya reports.
The money is given to the least socially protected citizens:
women with children;
large families;
people with disabilities;
people over 60 years;
pregnant and lactating women;
Single women without a family;
People without access to free medical care.


Ukrainians belonging to one of these categories can expect 110 euros (3,442 hryvnia) per person. This amount will be given for a period of three months.
How to apply?

This is done online, using the thematic application on GooglePlay or the IFRC AppStore. It is necessary to determine who will be the applicant of the family, download the application to his/her phone and follow the instructions.

Every Ukrainian wishing to receive financial support must provide a number of documents as proof of identity:
Ukrainian passport or ID card;
passport of a citizen of Ukraine;
birth certificate for children.

Once the application form is filled out according to the instructions, the app will send a message from the Red Cross on Viber or WhatsApp. The money will arrive immediately and can be used. Given the large number of applications, the processing time can be up to two weeks.
You can choose your bank card from PrivatBank, Oshchadbank, monobank or A-bank to deposit the cash support. To withdraw cash, you can use MoneyGram, but you will need to provide identification documents.