Ukrainian citizens who have left the country are optimistic about the future

Ukrainians fleeing the war also passed through the Palanca checkpoint on the Ukrainian-Moldovan border. Near the checkpoint, the Moldovan authorities set up a small refugee camp. In addition to official authorities, charitable organizations and ordinary citizens provided assistance: free transportation to Chisinau, accommodation at home, Alexander Yanevsky wrote about it in his article on

“We are helping the Ukrainian people in the difficult situation they are in. What do we see? We see disappointment, despair, pain. I understand one thing: people have worked all their lives. In this situation, people take their whole lives in two or three suitcases,” volunteer Konstantin shared his impressions with the Russian service of the Voice of America.

Refugee Cristina, whom the reporter met at the Palanca checkpoint, told about her experience with the Moldovans.

“They help us a lot. Everything is very organized here. Thank you very much, but it is hard. Mentally it is hard to leave your home and go to an unknown place: whether to your parents or just to Chisinau. But it is hard.

Alexander, from the international charity Hope Worldwide, welcomes and accommodates refugees in Chisinau until they decide what they want to do next. His organisation has helped several hundred Ukrainians from different cities in Ukraine.

“Since we have a place to host people, we offer those who want to leave Ukraine to be here for a while while they figure out their plans for the future. We have a place to sleep overnight, we have a place to feed them. The people who come are very hard emotionally, and we try to give them more positivity, support and encouragement for the future,” he said.