Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, ISHR has been working at full speed to reach as many needy people in the war zone as possible. We have already been able to reach many thousands of people. Here are some recent “Thank-you photos” examples, sent to us from the aid package recipients.

Since we are now also sending aid packages within Ukraine, we receive numerous inquiries via our newly set up help line on Telegram. 200 requests per hour are not uncommon. It sounds crazy, but this work keeps us going and doesn’t help us go crazy. In the meantime we have systematized the packing of packages and it works like on an assembly line thanks to many hard-working volunteers. We have single packs of groceries and hygiene items, as well as individual packs of medicines. In addition to the personal aid packages, we also supply and support many special facilities for internally displaced persons, the disabled, children and young people or, like here, maternity home  in Kyiv.

ISHR provided assistance to Kyiv Maternity Hospital No. 6 in the form of medicines and hygiene. To date, the medical institution provides assistance to 129,167 female residents of Kyiv, of which 77,173 are of childbearing age, and more than 600 girls annually require obstetric and gynecological assistance.

Olena Podlezhanska, a settler from the village of Nyzhne, Luhansk region. Fleeing the war, together with her 9-year-old daughter, they arrived in Rivne. They applied for humanitarian aid by filling out a questionnaire on the website.

An internally displaced person from Kyiv, single mother Varchenko Anastasia, 20 years old, and her son
Varcheko Vladislav, 3 years old, now live in the village of Lyukhcha, Rivne region. Thank you ISHR for the help, because it is very important for them at such a difficult time.

Oksana Mykytyuk is raising two children herself. The eldest son is in college. Younger girl Arina with a disability, cerebral palsy. Arina works with rehabilitation specialists at her own expense on a regular basis. Oksana is still supported by her old father, whom she takes care of. Oksana thanks ISHR for understanding and helping her family.

Kovalchuk Natalia Vyacheslavivna, mother of 4 sons. The eldest son is an adult and always helps with his brothers.
The youngest Nicolas, a special child who is on enteral special nutrition, he deals with private specialists:
with a speech therapist, speech pathologist, kinesiologist, Feldenkrais therapist, undergoes rehabilitation courses, which is financially expensive. With the start of the war in our country, the eldest son lost his job and lacked support.

Moroz Olga is a mother of two children and an older girl with a disability. Due to the job loss, Olga’s husband is unable to support the family. Therefore, for now, they need any help. Olga is grateful to ISHR for the hygiene products and support of her family.

Makar Babchuk, 7 years old. His father, sister and him moved to Rivne from Kharkiv. His mother died of shrapnel wounds. The father himself is raising two minor children.

Yatsenko Inna, 36 years old with children Melania 3 years old, and Plato 8 years old, immigrants from Slovyansk, Donetsk region. They are grateful ISHR for the help of hygienic means. This is important and necessary for a family of migrants at such a difficult time.

Ivanna, a settler from Irpin, Kyiv region. Alone with a child, her husband on the front line in Avdiivka defends our country. She is looking for a job in Rivne. She has a pregnant sister. She is grateful to ISHR for the help of hygiene products, which is extremely important for her family,which is in a difficult financial situation.

A mother of many children, an internally displaced person, Pinchuk Nadiya, who is raising five children,
lives in the village of Polovli, Varas district, Rivne region.

ISHR Ukraine team, June 2022