Tightening of the rules for exit and entry at Donbass checkpoints

The Russian-controlled LPR administration has de facto closed the Stanytsia Luhanska checkpoint. They attribute this to the COVID-19 outbreak in Ukraine, although the death rate in the occupation is higher. The so-called minister of health of the LPR, Natalia Paschenko, said that restrictions on movement through the Stanytsia Luhanska checkpoint, which were imposed by a decree of the so-called LPR head, were a forced anti-epidemic measure. It is now possible to enter Kiev-controlled territory of Luhansk Oblast only on the basis of special lists established by the LPR militants. Recently, Russian-controlled groups announced that they had embarked on a path of unification and opened the passage between the DPR and LPR, which had been closed for quarantine. Since the militants in Donetsk do not let people in or out through their checkpoints, it can be assumed that the rule has now simply been extended to the occupied part of Luhansk Oblast as well.

New rules for checkpoints in Donbass:

Stanytsia Luhanska, the LPR

People with residence registration in the LPR can go to Kiev-controlled territory only on the basis of lists created by the militants. They are compiled by a “permanent working group”. In order to get on the list, the following reasons and purposes are needed: medical treatment, study, need to care for a close relative, funeral. If your reasons are not as the above-mentioned and you are not in the lists, you cannot leave the LPR territory through the Stanytsia Luhanska checkpoint.

It is possible to enter the occupied territory of Luhansk Region on the basis of the above-mentioned “lists”. The reasons can be the following: medical treatment, study, need to care for a close relative, funeral and participation in “humanitarian programmes”. It is not necessary to have a residence registration on the territory of the LPR in order to enter the LPR. It is also allowed to enter the LPR in “exceptional cases”. A “working group together with the LPR’s Ministry of State Security” decides on the emergency crossing of the demarcation line.

As of today, these restrictions are valid until November 10, 2021.

Novotroitske (“Elenivka”), the DPR

In order to enter the DPR, one must also obtain permission from the militants’ so-called “inter-agency headquarters”. A reason is also needed for inclusion on the lists: medical treatment, study, work in the DPR, care for a sick relative or reunification with family living on the territory of the DPR. A residence registration in the DPR is not necessary for entry.

The period for consideration of applications to enter the DPR and LPR is at least 14 working days.

However, as before, it is possible to leave the occupied territories via Russian borders. You will not pay an administrative fine for crossing the seized section of the border if there are humanitarian grounds for entry: study, enrolment in higher education, medical treatment, visiting sick relatives, funeral, family reunification, other cases where there is reason to believe that the situation requires an urgent border crossing. The existence of grounds of a humanitarian nature should, if possible, be documented.


Source: radiosvoboda.org