The Dutch government has announced some changes in the order of stay for Ukrainian refugees.

© AFP 2022 / ANP / Ramon Van Flymen

So, from November 1, the passport will have to have a mark confirming the status of temporary protection.

This means an O-document sticker from the Dutch Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND). It can be obtained by all Ukrainians and foreigners who legally resided in Ukraine before the war. It is considered proof of temporary protection and access to the labor market.

Read here how to obtain it.

Recall that since April 1, the Netherlands has had an exemption from work permits for employers wishing to employ refugees from Ukraine.

“This transitional arrangement expires on October 31. This means that as of November 1, 2022, a refugee can demonstrate that he or she is covered by the Temporary Protection Directive only if he or she possesses a sticker or O-Document issued by the IND. Only with these documents can it be demonstrated that the refugee has the right to work as an employee without a work permit,” the government specifies.

It is reported that more than 79 thousand Ukrainians have arrived in the Netherlands since the beginning of the war. They receive 260 euros per month until they find a job.

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