There are millions of Ukrainian refugees in Europe. They need the help of volunteers. It is provided by various organizations.

How to find volunteers in Europe

Now for Ukrainians abroad, the Canadian technology company OneIQ Corp. has developed a special application called YesHelp. It helps to be in touch with volunteers around the world.

The mobile application is already available for Android and iOS users in more than 60 countries.

Thanks to YesHelp you can ask for any help:

housing search;
transportation services;
care for children or pets.

After installation, the app prompts you to select the role of a volunteer or person in need of help, confirm your identity and undergo biometric authentication.

The app has a messaging feature and reasonable (automatic) translation.

In chat, you can maintain privacy and ask each other questions before providing contacts or setting up an appointment. All personal data remains hidden from the others until the user himself decides to share them with his interlocutors.

In addition, a little later the app will add functions of home insurance, discounts from local companies, assistance in organizing transportation, creation of communities for communication and mutual support.