Protest mounted in front of Embassy of Turkey in R. Moldova

The National Resistance Movement ACUM protested in front of the Embassy of Turkey in Chisinau, demanding that the teachers of the Lyceum “Orizont” who were expelled from Moldova and jailed in Turkey at the start of this September be set free. The protest was mounted in connection with the visit paid by the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan to Moldova, IPN reports.

Vice president of the Party “Platform Dignity and Truth” Alexandru Slusari said the relations between Moldova and Turkey consist of understandings between two dictators. What happened to the Turkish teachers can happen to anyone as Moldova is sliding towards dictatorship. “We came here to express our opposition to dictatorship. All the obscure agreements with another dictatorship push the country to an authoritarian regime,” he stated.

Vice president of the Party “Action and Solidarity” Mihai Popşoi said the dictatorial agreements between the “Erdogan regime” and the “Plahotniuc-Dodon” regime started to be applied two years ago. “President Igor Dodon says he is a defender of the country’s independence and sovereignty, but inaugurates the Presidential Building together with the President of a state that lives in dictatorship. I understand when one repairs our roads and kindergartens, not yet the Presidential Building, which is the symbol of statehood. What kind of statehood defender is Igor Dodon?” asked rhetorically Mihai Popşoi.

Vice president of the Liberal Democratic Party Ion Terguţă said we are witness to one of the most shameful agreements between the presidential administrations of two states. People were expelled without having the right to a trial, to appeal and were send to an almost definite death. Turkey is a dangerous country for the Turkish citizens first of all and the Turkish teachers left it because the regime was chasing them. “The Republic of Moldova becomes more isolated. From now on, only such a type of rulers will visit the Republic of Moldova,” he stated.

On September 6, seven Turkish citizens, teachers of the Lyceum “Orizont”, were declared undesirable and expelled from Moldova. According to the Security and Intelligence Service, the seven foreigners were suspected of links with an Islamist group that reportedly performed illegal activities in a number of countries.

The President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan is paying a two-day visit to Moldova.