Moldova: Seven people deported to Turkey despite major human rights concerns

Seven foreign citizens among whom are persons from the administration of “Orizont” Lyceums were declared undesirable by the competent bodies and expelled from Moldova. The Security and Intelligence Service said the seven foreigners are suspected of having ties with an Islamic group that purportedly performs illegal activities in a number of states.

In an appeal disseminated to the press, Amnesty International Moldova condemns the illegal kidnappings performed today by the security services, by violating the search and arrest norms. “Amnesty International Moldova is profoundly concerned about the imminent danger to the life and security of the persons and about the violation of the basic human rights in relation to the administration of “Orizont” Lyceums, the six families of Turkish citizens, including minors, who were arrested today by employees of the Security and Intelligence Service by fragrantly violating the detaining and searching procedures and the norms concerning the liberty and safety of persons that are stipulated in the conventions to which the Republic of Moldova is a party,” says the appeal.



The organization noted that a series of irregularities were identified when analyzing the photo and video materials of the arrest. There wasn’t presented the arrest decision of the judge of inquiry and the private property of the arrested persons was seriously damaged, with these persons not being explained their rights. Also, the SIS, on unfounded and groundless pretexts, endangered the physical and emotional integrity of the arrested citizens, including the minors, and exposed them to the danger of being expelled to Turkey where they will definitely not enjoy a fair trial and could be subject to torture and inhuman treatment by the Turkish authorities.