Overview of events in the city of Khachmaz – Part 1

In September 2018, the National Section of the International Society for Human Rights held an event in the city of Khachmaz in Azerbaijan. The event was characterized by highly active participants, especially women. During the event, the participants’ attention was drawn to the situation of human rights and freedoms and mechanisms for the protection of human rights. The participants seized the opportunity and asked their questions for which they received answers and advice. Most participants reiterated problems in respecting social rights and freedoms. They were mainly interested solving problems related to obtaining pensions, bank loans, social benefits and targeted social assistance, in the procedure for calculating and withhoding wages and so on. As mentioned above, women pay particular attention to ensuring the rights of women and gender equality and addressing the issues of early marriage and domestic violence. One of the participants, Aysel A., said that she was under pressure from her family, which insisted on her marriage and did not allow her to continue her education. Through the participant, contact with her family was established, and after ongoing discussions, it was possible to prevent an early marriage and she could continue her studies. However, the issue of early marriage is an ongoing problem and the Azerbaijani Section of the ISHR will continue to seek to safeguard the rights of women.

Khachmaz 29.09.2018