Lawyers protest against excessive use of preventive arrest

Dozens of lawyers from several regions of the country protested today, June 26, before the Court of Appeal against excessive application of illegal arrests. The action lasted about an hour and a half, and the defenders even held a minute of silence for the justice in the country. The participants also adopted a resolution with several claims.

The document will be forwarded to the Superior Council of Magistracy, the General Prosecutor’s Office and the Supreme Court of Justice. The resolution provides for stopping intimidation against lawyers and their clients.

At the same time, the approved claims include the urgent elaboration of a legislative initiative, the lawyers being able to be prosecuted only with the consent of the Union of Lawyers.

During the action, the defenders held black banners with the messages: “Since when a prosecutor dictates to a judge?”, “We protest for your rights”, “Judges! Are you still independent? “,”The arrest – an exception, not a rule “.


Today, the defenders have not participated in any criminal, civil and contraventional prosecution, nor in criminal prosecution by criminal prosecution bodies.

Through this protest, the lawyers have expressed their disagreement over the violation of the right to liberty and security and detention in inhuman and degrading conditions.

Some lawyers have also found some who have not joined the colleagues.

All message boards were left at the Court of Appeal.


The protest takes place on the International Day for Supporting Torture Victims.