January 26 – February 4, 2023. ISHR team provides humanitarian aid in Poltava and Sumy regions

🚛 Help from ISHR in action!

In the Shyshaky territorial community (Poltava region), a form for applications for food and hygiene kits from ISHR was opened for residents of five villages – Pokrovske, Mykhailyky, Sahaidak, Voskobiinyky and Hoholeve.

📦 On January 26, 2023, local residents and IDPs in the village of Pokrovske had already received humanitarian aid and were registered and selected by the ISHR computer algorithm.

At the end of this week we plan to deliver humanitarian aid in the form of food and hygiene kits to the residents of Mykhailyky, Sahaidak, Voskobiinyky and Hoholeve villages in the Shyshaky territorial community in Poltava region.

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📦 On January 27, 2023, residents (both – internally displaced and locals) of Voskobiinyky community received humanitarian aid from ISHR. The aid was provided in the form of food and hygiene kits.

They were given to the residents of the community who applied and were selected according to a computer-based selection algorithm according to the UN Charter.

ISHR representatives handed out charity kits to the people in the office of the head of the Voskobiinyky community.

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📦 On February 2, 2023, ISHR provided food and hygiene kits to employees of the Social Services Centre and employees of Water Utility in Putivl (Sumy region).

Thanks to the UHF project, our team is able to help not only internally displaced people, but also anyone who particularly needs our attention and support. This includes also critical infrastructure workers.

📦 The food and hygiene kits will be able to provide one person for an entire month with food and hygiene products.

We are planning to hold actions in Novoslobodska territorial community (Sumy region) and give humanitarian aid to residents of four villages: Nova Sloboda, Linovo, Buniakyne and Machulyshcha.

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On 4 February 4, 2023, the ISHR team was able to bring humanitarian aid almost to the border with the Russian Federation, despite the danger and the mined road.

For the residents of Nova Sloboda, Linovo, Buniakyne and Machulyshcha villages, which are situated 10 km from the border and where there is constant shelling, we brought food and hygiene products (over 600 monthly kits).

The locals were very happy to see us. And it is understandable, as humanitarian aid rarely reaches these areas.

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