January 13-18, 2023. ISHR team provides humanitarian aid in Poltava, Kyiv and Sumy regions

🔷 It is very important for everyone to have a home where it is warm, cosy and comfortable atmosphere. Unfortunately, many people in Ukraine have had to leave their homes and temporarily move to calmer areas of Ukraine due to military action.

ISHR team constantly supports and assists different IDP centres.

📦 On January 13, 2023 we visited the villages of Yareski and Shishaki (Poltava region) where the IDP centres are located. Our help, which was food and hygiene kits, turned out to be very useful during these holidays.

In Kyiv region, ISHR team visited two boarding houses for the elderly and disabled in the villages of Hornostaipil and Sukachi. We have brought such necessary food and hygiene kits for people.

✅ Thanks to the UHF project, we plan to increase the volume of humanitarian aid provided. In the near future, individual distributions of both hygiene and food kits will be carried out in Novoslobodska territorial community (Sumy region) and Shishaki territorial community (Poltava region).

Stay kind 💙 Be with ISHR!






The help rendered on time in a difficult moment cannot be overestimated. Especially for internally displaced persons, that is, for those who left their homes and, perhaps, were even left without a livelihood.

ISHR continuously supports IDP centres. At the beginning of this week, active work in this direction was carried out in Poltava region.

✅ On January 16, 2023 we brought food and hygiene kits for the IDPs in the village of Khomutets and distributed them at the IDP residence centre situated in the Agricultural College dormitory. We also provided the center with washing machines.

✅ On the same day, our team visited Mirgorod special school, where 55 IDPs and 80 local children live and study (55 of whom are children with disabilities). We also provided the centre with two washing machines and three boilers.

✅ On January 17, 2023, we provided food and hygiene kits to Velykosorochynskyi Lyceum, where the IDP centre is located. We also handed over the same kits to the village of Pokrovske, where another IDP centre is located.

✅ On January 18, 2023 we visited the centre of providing social services of Shishaki community, namely the nursing home. Rights now it is a home for IDPs and local residents. We provided the nursing home with a washing machine, boilers and food kits.

ISHR is about help, support and care!

Stay kind 💙 Be with ISHR!