February 17 – 20, 2023. ISHR team provides humanitarian aid in Poltava and Kharkiv regions

📦 On February 17, 2023, ISHR team brought food to Mirgorod Specialised School (Poltava region).

This school is home to about 50 children who have IDP status and among them there are also children with physical disabilities (speech and hearing impairments) who as well study there. Previously we brough technical equipment to this school and we felt that we had to get back to the children 🙏🏼

We handed over about 50 litres of honey in kits. Due to the current events, the school has received almost no honey during the last year, although the Ministry of Education recommends 20 grams of honey per week for each child. Therefore, our kits are really necessary to maintain children’s health.

Stay kind 💙 Be with ISHR!




📦 On February 20, 2023, our team again visited the village of Pokrovske (Poltava region), as well as the centre for displaced people from Kharkiv, which ISHR had helped to create.

Mostly women and the elderly live there. ISHR team handed over winter clothes and warm blankets to the centre´s residents.

ISHR has previously provided the centre with food and hygiene kits, dishes, mattresses and technical equipment.

Stay kind 💙 Be with ISHR!



🤝 Thanks to the joint efforts of ISHR team and the Hungarian Ecumenical Assistance Service, generators were handed over to the Primary Healthcare Centre No. 5 in the village of Tsyrkuny (Kharkiv region) on February 20, 2023.

In the case of permanent power cuts, a generator in a healthcare facility is a life-saving necessity.

Stay kind 💙 Be with ISHR!