Ukraine. IAC ISHR keeps helping people in need. The team of the ISHR’s Ukrainian information and analysis center, in which there are many young parents themselves, is always working for children with a big heart. Around Christmas time, their extraordinary commitment was rewarded by bright children’s eyes (see other reports and videos on this website).

During winter holidays in January 2023, the IAC ISHR team, with the support of IGFM 🇩🇪, held a miracle programme for children. There were competitions, games and, most importantly, wonderful gifts that will help families during this difficult time (toys, battery-powered lamps, sweet sets).

In the villages of Hoholeve, Ustvitsa, Matiashevka, Mikhailivka (Poltava region), gifts were given to children of internally displaced persons, and in the villages of Yareski, Shishaki, Sorochintsy in the same region gifts were given to children of internally displaced persons living in shelters on the territory of mentioned villages. A total of 138 gifts were distributed by our team in this region.

In Kyiv region, we distributed gifts to 15 internally displaced children who had left Mariupol, Sloviansk and other eastern regions of Ukraine and were now living temporarily in modular units in Bucha.

In Potashnia (Kyiv region), 20 internally displaced children received gifts from IAC ISHR and IGFM 🇩🇪, and three teenagers even expressed an interest in working with IAC ISHR.

In Putivl, Sumy region, our team presented 23 gifts for orphans and children with disabilities.

The children’s joy was boundless! Because receiving gifts is always a nice occasion, especially when you are a child!

Stay kind💙 Be with ISHR!