Fast ISHR help in the poorest European country, which is proportionally most affected and is afraid of a Russian attack. The Moldovan section of ISHR provided assistance to Ukrainian refugees in Moldova thanks to the support of our entire international organization.

We focused on the families who arrived in the early days of the occupation. At that time, the state system of refugee aid had not yet been set up. And these people had to seek refuge with complete strangers who would provide them with their own rooms or suitable accommodation. Mostly mothers with several children. The main problem for these people is the lack of good nutrition for children. Because the humanitarian aid that comes to the warehouses consists mainly of clothing, canned goods and hygiene items. But fresh food is especially important for children – vegetables, fruit, dairy products, fish, which are practically unavailable to most refugees. Therefore, we have decided to donate part of the direct aid in the form of cash, so that the mothers have the opportunity to diversify their children’s diet.

It should also be borne in mind that most of the aid is concentrated in Chisinau. We also visited refugees who ended up outside the city. It is more difficult for them to get help than for those who immediately found themselves in distribution centers and in cities. We also supported them with information. We try to help those people who do not plan to go further to Europe, but survived the hostilities and want to return to Ukraine, since their husbands and sons stayed in Ukraine. We are currently trying to organize a repatriation to the capital Chisinau for 110 refugees – mothers and children of different ages who were housed in one of the children’s camps 100 km away. The age of the children starts at one year. In these tragic times, we are grateful for the help being given in Moldova. Because the already poorest country in Europe took in the most refugees per thousand inhabitants. And any help these days is simply prohibitively expensive.

With great respect and gratitude, Gennady Kaunov ISHR Moldova

Here is a family from Kharkiv that we helped. Lera and Seryosha. And 5 other children. On the day we met with them and helped them, the youngest Lyovushka was 1 year old. In the photo, we bought the necessary goods and products in the store. Lera is a teacher, Seryozha is a welder. Before the war they lived outside the city of Kharkiv in a small house. Immediately after the bombing of the city began, they decided to flee. A military friend warned them they had two hours to leave between shelling. They were taken in Moldova by people unknown to them. They don’t want to go to Europe, but back to a peaceful Ukraine. Now her neighbors live in her house in Kharkiv, who themselves did not have time to leave, and whose house was bombed. Sergey is busy looking for a job, which is not so easy in the current situation in Moldova.