Every minute 55 children of Ukraine become refugees

Since the Russian invasion, 1.5 million children have left Ukraine: 75,000 girls and boys a day become refugees. In addition, many move within the country to escape the fire. Children with injuries are taken to the west of the country.

More than 75,000 Ukrainian children become refugees every day

“Since February 24, dozens of Ukrainian children have been killed. Many others were injured. And more than 1.5 million children have left the country. Just think about it – since the beginning of the war, an average of more than 75,000 children have become refugees every day. Every day. An even more shocking figure: 55 children leave the country every minute,” said James Elder, spokesman for the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

“This crisis is unprecedented in the speed and scale of refugee flows since the Second World War, and we do not yet see any signs of slowing down,” said James Elder.

Dangers awaiting refugee children

He added that, like all children displaced from their homes by war and conflict, Ukrainian children arriving in neighboring countries face a variety of risks, including the risk of getting lost, being unaccompanied by adults, facing violence, sexual exploitation and fall into the hands of human traffickers.

All of them need help and protection, especially those who went abroad unaccompanied by adult family members or relatives and acquaintances.

Representative of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) Paul Dillon during a briefing in Geneva said that the total number of refugees from Ukraine is already three million. Among them are approximately 57,000 third-country nationals.