“If you show yourself good behavior, then I will allow you both what is prescribed by law and what is not prescribed by law” – from the conversation of the prison governor with the accused

Civil activist Pavel Grigorciuc, arrested on March 21 after a conflict with Democrat MP Sergiu Sirbu, complained about physical and moral pressure from the side of the penitentiary #13.

He wrote his complaints in a letter, published by activist’s comrade Alexandru Rosco on Facebook on Monday.

Grigorciuc wrote that he is kept in a solitary confinement near the cell of “Demnitate si Adevar” [DA, “Dignity and Justice”] Party activist Gheorghe Petic.

“I was visited by the prison head and he said that if I write publications in media or complain to court about detention conditions, I will get no kettle, neither parcels, and that many violations will be found for which I might be punished. I understood that he is a terrible man. As a result, the discussion was not nice at all. If at the beginning of our talk about “good behavior” I was promised gym, at the end, I was not even allowed to go for walk before meeting with lawyer”, the author complained.

He addressed to human right organizations, diplomatic missions, the OSCE, the Popular Ombudsman and the prosecutor, who is considering the case, expressing concerns that after the letter publication the detention conditions may seriously worsen.

At the end of the letter, Grigorciuc expressed his indignation, writing that in response to a slap, Sirbu delivered him a blow with a bat in the back, and asked Sirbu him if he is pleased with what he did.