Accelerated integration for those wishing to


Photo: Getty Images | Refugees from Ukraine at check-in at Düsseldorf airport

The number of refugees from Ukraine registered in the German Central Register is approaching one million: at the beginning of August, 900,479 Ukrainian citizens have registered in Germany since the war began on 24 February 2022, writes the Bavarian Süddeutsche Zeitung. No one knows how many are actually in the country. Some of the refugees may have gone to other countries or to return home without being registered.

Among those who have arrived, 121,000 have applied for child benefits. As of mid-summer, 265,000 potentially employable people had registered at job centres. In the first three months of the war alone, 12,000 Ukrainians found work in Germany.

More than 150,000 will be able to take a special integration course, and some 57,000 refugees have already started training.

According to a survey by the IFO Institute for Economic Research, 150,000 Ukrainian children and teenagers were enrolled in general or vocational education in Germany by mid-July.

More than 350,000 Ukrainians have already registered to look for work in Germany, and many are struggling. The Munich-based IFO economic research institute conducted a survey of almost 1,000 Ukrainian refugees in June and found that as many as 90 percent of the respondents wanted to find work in Germany, but only half of them have already done so.

In an IFO survey of 1,000 HR managers in German companies from various sectors, 83 per cent cited a lack of German language skills as the main obstacle to finding work.

In order to work in Germany, applicants must first have their professional qualifications recognised. Without the official recognition of their Ukrainian qualifications, they are not allowed to work in Germany – another barrier to integration.

From Euronews.