Former ECHR judge says how problems in justice can be solved

Former ECHR judge Stanislav Pavlovski stated a part of the problems faced in the judicial system can be solved by very simple methods that include the amendment of the legislation. According to him, the first step should be the amendment of the Penal Procedure Code’s provisions that regulate the revision of cases and of definitive judgements by adding only one new element – violation of the right to a fair trial and state captivity, IPN reports.

“The declaration of state captivity is an absolutely practical document that hasn’t been yet implemented. Let’s start by saying that the people can seek the revision of all the court decisions that are suspected of having been politically influenced,” Stanislav Pavlovski stated in an interview for RFE/RL’s Moldovan Service.

According to him, the whole judicial system should decide if the case should be reviewed or not, but the people should have this right respected. “We all say that the justice sector was captured and that this was under the influence of the “puppeteer”. We all say that that justice is corrupt, but stop in front of chimeras when things are to be put into practice,” said the former judge.

“We have now a parliamentary majority. Parliament can adopt all the law needed by this country, surely in democratic conditions. If you have doubts and hesitations, lack knowledge or experience, ask the EU to delegate experts so that they help you. We cannot remain passive and say that if the Democrats decided so, we, those who came to power by democratic ways, have to only comply.”

Stanislav Pavlovski also said that among the current priorities is the prioritization of actions that are important and should be taken here and now. “I understand that the banning of plastic bags is a major problem for Moldova, but this is not a priority. The priorities now include the Prosecutor General’s Office, the theft of the US$ 1 billion, the struggle against the mafia and the freeing of the whole system from the influence of the mafia. The people felt insulted by the previous government and expect the current government to do justice,” added the former judge of the European Court of Human Rights.