Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights and Ethnic Relations gives a negative opinion on the uninominal vote

The Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights and Ethnic Relations gave a negative opinion regarding the bill initiated by DP on the uninominal vote. The information was confirmed for CrimeMoldova by the Commissioner member, the Socialist MP, Grigore Novac.

According to the Socialist deputy, none of the members of the Committee voted “for”. “During the making of the project vote, the question” Who is for it? Was asked  “No one raised their hand. At the same time, PD deputies went out at the time of voting, “said Novac for CrimeMoldova.

The Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights was first to discuss the draft law on the uninominal vote.

It is expected to be examined by the eight other parliamentary committees, the Legal Department of Parliament, NAC and the Government.

The document was registered in Parliament on Friday, March 14 of this year.

According to Candu, the  project was submitted for analysis and legal expertise of the Venice Commission, although the opinion of the institution has only a recommendation. The speaker announced that the amendments to the Electoral Code will be discussed with civil society. The first wide-ranging debate on this subject could be held next week.

Previously, several deputies and members of civil society have criticized the DP initiative to introduce the uninominal vote, considering that the electoral system doesn’t need reforms. They announced that they would not vote for this law project.


В. Плахотнюк  – олигарх, председатель Демократической партии Р. Молдова.

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