Angela Ganninger: It is our aspiration to have a common space of peace and freedom in Europe

Germany’s Ambassador to Chisinau, Angela Ganninger, argues that her country is interested to see that the Eastern partners of the European Union, including the Republic of Moldova, enjoy opportunities for economic development, peace, freedom and prosperity. “It is our aspiration, desire to have a common space of peace and freedom in Europe,” the ambassador said in a video interview for IPN.

“One of our lessons from the two devastating wars of the last century is that we are all doing well in Europe, if every country is doing well. That is why we would like our Eastern partners, that we deem important, with which we do not yet have the same close relations as with the European Union member states, among which is Moldova, with which we have a close relation, to enjoy opportunities for economic development, peace, freedom and prosperity. It’s our real interest” said Angela Ganninger.

According to the diplomat, the image of “Europe’s locomotive” is often attributed to Germany when referring to the German economy. “Germany is an export marked country, which results from functional economic performance. The basic conditions for things to work are the existence of freedom, prosperity, peace and opportunities to develop yourself, and for this you need partners. ”

“Certainly, Germany is not a small country, but it is not a mega-power either. We need partners when we want to define our interests, our standards, for example, for consumer protection. In this regard, we are closely correlated with our partners, the EU member countries, with which we coordinate our positions. For us they are not a burden, we do not tow them after us, but it is important, rather, to have an active exchange of views in order to take part in this free trade,” said Angela Ganninger.

“The UK has decided to choose another path. This is something we regret, the Federal Government, and also many German citizens. We would like to see Britain stay with us in the European Union and work with us. Yet, they decided to take another path. Let’s see if it is economically successful, let’s see and wait for what the future brings. From our point of view, it is important to create the future with our partners,” said the German ambassador.

The video-interview given to the IPN Press Agency by the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to the Republic of Moldova Angela Ganninger is part of “Relations of the Republic of Moldova with development partners” cycle supported by Hans Seiddel German Foundation.