Alexey Navalny charged with extremism

Politician Alexey Navalny has been charged in a new criminal case, namely “creation of an extremist community”. According to Aleksey himself, an investigator visited him on May 31 and formally charged him. The politician has not yet disclosed details of the case. Below you will find his official comment which he has posted on his Twitter page:

Well I don’t know. Maybe Putin doesn’t hate me, but secretly loves me? That’s why he wants me – just like himself – hidden away in an underground bunker, guarded by reliable people.

How else can I explain that even 8 days have not passed, when the sentence came into force, according to which they gave me 9 years of strict regime, and today the investigator has come back and officially charged me with a new case.

It turns out that I set up an extremist group to incite hatred towards officials and oligarchs. And when I was imprisoned, I dared to be dissatisfied with this (no, really) and called for rallies. For that, I’m entitled to a further 15 years.

You see, another 15 years of a secure stable bunker, where I will be sheltered from the surprises and hardships of your so-called “freedom”. Where is such a mess that ordinary people even walk the streets – not just employees of the Federal Protective Service and the Federal Penitentiary Service.

My parents came to me for a date, and they live in a military town. So, of course, we joked that when Putin did triple the atomic war, they would get one of the first missiles. And I would be in a lucky area – who would bomb the swamp area?

So when you have concrete melting there, I’ll just watch a particularly beautiful sunset from local area. Thanks to Putin 😉

In January 2021, Navalny returned to Russia from Germany, where he received treatment after being poisoned by Novichok. He was detained at the airport and sent by court order to prison No. 2 in Pokrov to serve a real sentence according to the Yves Rocher case.