🇺🇦 Ukrainians affected by Russian aggression can receive compensation from 5,000 to 30,000 euros

You must apply to the European Court of Human Rights within four months of the date you suffered Russian aggression, but no later than 16 January 2023.
How do I apply?
Fill in the form at the following link: https://espl.com.ua

Download the document on your computer, print it out, put it in an envelope and label it with your USPLE address (it is generated automatically when you fill in the application form on the website)
Send the application to one of the Ukrposhta outlets (free of charge for the sender)
It is also possible to fill in an application on behalf of a relative if he/she is not able to submit it him/herself.
The application processing period may take from one year.
Do you have questions about assistance and application?
Contact the Public Admissions Offices of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Association in your city: https://helsinki.org.ua/advice-centres/

The electronic application for the formation of an application to the European Court of Human Rights is implemented by the Swiss-Ukrainian Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Advocacy Group – UHAHRDP, implemented by the Nordic Europe Foundation and the EGAP Programme