The assault occurred at the office of Ukreximbank. Security chief attacked the shooting crew as they filmed the interview with the bank director

Ukrainia reporters attacked in state bank office


Reporters of the Skhemy (Ukrainian for “Gimmicks”; a medium created and supported by investigative journalists ) project got attacked in the office of Ukreximbank. After the incident, they managed to restore the video record of this incident. Natalya Sedletska, the leading journalist of the Skhemy reported that on Facebook.

“We turned to the experts, asking them to try and restore the video that was deleted yesterday by the workers of Ukreximbank during the attack on the Skhemy film crew that took place at the office of Yevhen Metsger, the chief of the state-run bank. There were no guarantees because we didn’t know how serious the carriers were formatted. The shooting team had their cameras taken from them for an hour. We received the result from the specialized company. The video has been restored on both cards from both cameras that filmed the event. Yes, I can imagine how much of a shock it’s going to be for Ukreximbank. They were confident that the proof is gone”, Sedletska wrote.

According to her, the restored video features the entire footage of the incident. That included the interview, the reporter’s questions and everything that happened then. One can see Metsger demanding that the security take the cameras from reporters, “get the tapes and ***ing delete it all”.

“Volodya, take it out please, why is he walking around here?”, Metsget said when he saw that cameraman Oleksandr Mazur still films his reaction to the reporter’s question. “Come on, take the camera. Ihor, take the damned camera (swearing) And this one, too, Ihor. Take it”, said the Chairman of the Ukreximbank’s Board of Directors.

The video also includes the moment of the attack on the cameraman. The bank worker tackled Oleksandr Mazur and grabbed the memory card from the other camera that he was holding. The attacker was Ihor Telbizov, the director of the bank security department.

Metsger ordered the security to take the cameras to the IT department and delete the video. One of the cameras kept recording.

The video shows how the worker enters the elevator and takes the cameras to another floor. Then, two people are seen talking. “Your task is to delete it all”. – “Delete?” – “Yes, completely”. Then, the footage is over.

Natalya Sedletska claimed that in their recent statement, Ukreximbank said that “the journalist and the cameraman left the office unhindered”.

The attack on Skhemy reporters occurred on October 4.