Borodyanka, idyllic small Ukrainian town northwest of Kyiv, in life BEFORE

Half a year later


in Borodyanka the heart goes into shock again,

there is only one remedy – Tackle

Borodyanka after the Russian shelling right at the beginning of the war on February 24, 2022

After the withdrawal of Russian troops from the Kiev area on March 31, 2022, the images of the Russian war crimes in Bucha were the first to trigger global horror.

Shortly thereafter, Ukrainian access to the nearby small town of Borodyanka was possible again.

Borodyanka after the Russian shellings

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said at the time that the atrocities committed there were far worse than those in Bucha, and Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda said after his visit on April 13, 2022: “The images are apocalyptic”.

The kitchen was transferred to the War Museum in Kyiv

Immediately since the beginning of the war, our IGFM team, which consisted mostly of young lawyers, turned to humanitarian aid.

The humanitarian aid gave them a chance to get out of the state of shock, not to despair, not to go crazy.

Day after day, this activity allows them to live on. And so half a year has passed. A new rhythm of life.

But visiting places like Borodyanka makes the heart falter again. Allows the trauma to penetrate every cell of the body again and puts them back into shock, because otherwise it cannot be endured.

The only thing that helps is to tackle and help – to keep going… and therefore we are glad that we were able to help in Borodyanka and in Havrylivka (a village 20 km north from Bucha).


ISHR: Humanitarian help for 350 residents of a social institution in Borodyanka, 23.07.2022

In Havrylivka, a village 20 km north from Bucha, we were able to install a water filter in the school, benefiting 486 pupils and 58 teachers. The school was badly damaged by Russian bombing. Thanks to the efforts of international organisations, the school in Havrylivka is preparing for the new school year.  The ISHR team in Ukraine responded to a request from the school principal to help solve the problem of drinking water for the pupils.

Church in Havrylivka, 2017

Water filter installed in school. Havrylivka, 20.08.2022