What is UNHCR’s financial assistance programme in Moldova?

Refugees from Ukraine in Moldova. Refugee reception centre in Chisinau

The Refugee Financial Assistance Programme in Moldova is managed by the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and its partners, Catholic Relief Services (CRS), Caritas Moldova and Diakonia, and coordinated with the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection.

Since March 2022, UNHCR and its partners have been providing emergency financial assistance to meet the material needs of people who have left Ukraine because of the war conflict. This is limited assistance to help people with initial needs during their stay in Moldova.


Families who left Ukraine and entered Moldova on/after February, 24, 2022 may qualify for assistance. They may be Ukrainian citizens or citizens of other countries living in Ukraine.

Households/families and people with the following characteristics are eligible for assistance:

  • Household with one or more dependents
  • Household with one parent
  • Household headed by a child (under 18)*
  • Household with an unaccompanied child
  • Household headed by an elderly person (over 60)
  • Household with one or more persons with special needs, such as::
    • Disabled person
    • Pregnant woman
    • Person with a serious illness
    • Woman at risk group
    • Person requiring legal and physical protection
    • LGBTI

*Children must be accompanied by a designated guardian/legal guardian.


For more information, please visit help.unhcr.org