Protesters from near Monument to Stephan the Great forced to go away

The Monument to Ruler Stephan the Great and Holy, where protesters of the National Resistance Movement ACUM remained overnight after the August 26 protest, were surrounded by police officers. In the morning pf August 27, the police demanded that they should temporally change the place of the protest, until the official events are over. As the crowed refused to comply, the police forced the protesters to go away. The protesters chanted: “We will not give up!”, “Shame!”, “Down with dictatorship”, “Defend the people, not the usurper!”, “Criminals!”, IPN reports.

In the morning, the monument to Ruler Stephan the Great was surrounded by police cordons formed on Bănulescu-Bodoni St and Ștefan cel Mare Blvd and in the Public Garden “Ștefan cel Mare”.

Marin Maxian, head of the General Public Security Dvision of the General Police Inspectorate, told the protesters that  under the legislation, during official events the access to the place where these are held is restricted. He asked them to temporarily change the place of the protest, noting this should be mounted at a distance of at least 200 meters or the police will force them to leave. Also, the organizers risk being punished for not obeying the legal provisions.


Marin Maxian called on the people not to allow to be provoked and involved in illegalities, but the protesters ignored the demand and the police ultimately drove the people away.

The leader of the Party “Action and Solidarity” Maia Sandu called upon the people to come to central Chisinau at 9am, when the usurpers and thieves will come to profane the Monument to Stephan the Great. The politician said it won’t be easy for the people to get to the central square as the area was closed to traffic.

The leader of the Party “Platform Dignity and Truth” Andrei Năstase said the things that happened today are serious as the criminal regime used the police and prevented the peaceful, civilized and democratic protest mounted near the monument when everyone wanted to celebrate the 27th anniversary of Independence. “Take to the streets. Come together to protest as our country, our children, our future are in danger. Come to Bănulescu-Bodoni St,” stated Andrei Năstase.

The chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party Viorel Cibotaru said all the red lines were crossed. Yesterday they brought 200 instigators in the Great National Assembly Square, while today the role of instigators was played by police officers. “We were pulled and hit, but we are more powerful. Come all here to protest,” he stated.

The protesters who remained overnight are only  a part of those who came to the August 26 protest mounted by the National Resistance Movement ACUM. The people who came together marched along the streets of Chisinau and then returned to the Monument to Stephan the Great where they protested for hours and adopted a resolution by which they demanded that the Filip Government should resign. The executive is accused of the progressive worsening of the situation of the people, antidemocratic deviations, the failure of the European integration policies and the international isolation of the Republic of Moldova. The resolution was adopted following concerns about the restraining of the democratic freedoms, consolidation of the authoritarian regime and the government’s anti-people, anti-democratic and discriminatory acts.