ГA control group made of 6 prosecutors will check the criminal cases, started in Moldova allegedly for political reasons, said Prosecutor General Alexandru Stoianoglo at the Wednesday’s briefing.

He stressed that over two months a number of nongovernmental organizations made statements about the existence of such category of cases, adding that there is a PACE Declaration on the need of rehabilitating the rights of Moldovan citizens, who were politically persecuted.

“Starting from this week, a group of prosecutors will check 38 criminal cases, which were allegedly started for political reasons. The information they collect during the work will be studied by the PGO leadership. If any violations of legality are identified (no matter when they were committed – during the investigation or in court), legal procedures were undertaken. If these cases are still in court, prosecutors will withdraw the accusations, while if the verdicts have been issued already, they will apply the possible extraordinary measures of legal protection”, Stoianoglo said.

Among those against whom such cases were started are: lawyers Anna Ursachi, Eduard Rudenco, Ion Cretu, judges Domnica Manole, Dorin Munteanu and Gheorghe Balan, as well as Grigore Petrenco, Pavel Grigorciuc, Gheorghe Petic, Serghei Cebotari and Valentin Esanu.

“After the inspections in two specialized prosecution services, 33 disciplinary actions have been started against 24 prosecutors (10 from the Anticorruption Prosecution Service and 14 – from the Prosecution Service for Combating Organized Crime and Special Cases)”. The reasons for this were the following violations: unmotivated detentions, arrests, searches, unsanctioned wiretapping, tracking, property seizure, protraction of cases’ consideration in court, illegal court verdicts”, Stoianoglo said.