European External Action Service Director for Russia, the Eastern Partnership, Central Asia and the OSCE Luc Devigne, regarded as unacceptable the fact that Moldovan authorities took no decisive actions for investigating the one-billion-dollar bank fraud over 5 years since the scheme was detected.

At the Thursday’s press conference after the sitting of the Association Committee in Chisinau, he said that it is abnormal that even after one of the leading detective agencies Kroll has published details of its investigation and these are in free access, the country leadership has issued no decisions in this regard.

“We will never believe it is impossible to be done legally. If they cannot punish those guilty for such a large-scale theft, which almost has no equal anywhere in the world and led to the loss of 15% of country GDP – the problem is in the country itself. However, if this can be done legally (yet has not been done) – the problem is in the justice system. In any case, this is a prerogative, a responsibility of the authorities to ensure a functional judiciary in the country”, he said.

Devigne stressed it may not be claimed that the judiciary is working, if the bank fraud is not investigated.

In this connection, is becomes increasingly difficult for European institutions and members of the EU Parliament to explain the assistance to the country which fails to do everything possible to return what was stolen from it.

“Because the question will persist – over the last 10 years, the EU has provided to Moldova 1 billion euros in the form of grants, and now a billion was stolen. However, it is about one thing now – the budget. The Moldovan authorities know about this problem and should act to resolve it. If not – the system should be improved”, Devigne said.