udges, whose decisions served as a reason for condemning Moldova in the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) should be paying the compensations from their own pockets, said Prime Minister Ion Chicu at the Monday’s press conference after meeting with President Igor Dodon.

He reminded that he ordered the Ministry of Justice to develop a mechanism of applying regress lawsuits against judges, which issued unlawful decisions which led to condemning Moldova in the ECHR

According to Chicu, in case of Turkish teachers, expelled to their homeland, technically Moldova will have to pay 20 thousand euros from the state budget as compensations to families of those affected. However, in fact the money may come from the pockets of those, who issued these unlawful decisions.

He shares the worries of experts who believe that the 70 million lei decline in the judicial system budget due to Moldova’s losing in the Gemini trade center case in the ECHR may negatively affect the quality of justice, however he called on specialists to help the ministry develop the mechanism, in order that those guilty to be paying for the unlawful decision, but not children and pensioners.