Iran: Four political prisoners face imminent execution

Press conference: Stop the execution!

 In a press conference, ISFM draws attention to the fate of imprisoned Kurds and calls for their immediate release

The four Kurdish political prisoners Mohsen Mazloum, Wafa Azarbar, Mohammad Faramarzi and Pejman Fathi are facing imminent execution. They were arbitrarily arrested and sentenced to death after torture and forced confession. Together with the wives of Pejman Fathi and Mohammad Faramarzi, the mayor of Frankfurt, Dr. Nargess Eskandari-Grünberg, and Behrouz Asadi, the ISFM appeals to the German federal government in today’s press conference to work to save the innocent prisoners.

Tehran / Frankfurt am Main, January 25, 2024 –  No time to lose: After the execution of the political prisoners Mohammad Ghobadlou and Farhad Salimi in Iran on January 23, 2024, the International Society for Human Rights (IGFM) is alarmed and fears for the lives of four Kurdish prisoner. Mohsen Mazloum, Mohammad (Hajir) Faramarzi, Vafa Azarbar and Pejman Fatehi were accused of “collaboration with Israel” and sentenced to death. In a press conference today, the Frankfurt-based human rights organization drew attention to their fate.

“Frankfurt stands firmly by Ms. Azimi, Ms. Mahmoudi and Sabah, and we will do everything we can to support them. I also call on the Federal Government to ensure that the executions of the four Kurdish dissidents are prevented and that Pejman and Mohammad are reunited with their families in Germany. It is high time for Germany to take responsibility and stand in solidarity with the freedom movement in Iran,” demands Dr. Nargess Eskandari-Grünberg, Mayor of Frankfurt am Main.

Arbitrarily arrested and sentenced to death
Mohsen Mazloum,  Mohammad (Hajir) Faramarzi , Vafa Azarbar and Pejman Fatehi were arbitrarily arrested by secret service security forces on July 20, 2022 in Urmia, West Azerbaijan Province, accused of “collaboration with Israel” and sentenced to death sentenced to death. The Supreme Court confirmed this ruling. Since then, the men’s confessions, extracted under torture, have been broadcast several times on Iranian state television. In this propaganda video, the men admitted to planning a bomb attack near Isfahan following instructions from Israeli intelligence.


The Iranian Bayan Azimi fled to Germany with her son after her family was threatened and blackmailed by the Islamic regime. Pejman Fathi, her husband and father of five-year-old Sabbah Fathi, remains in custody in Iran and faces execution at any time.

No contact with family allowed
So far, families have been denied contact with their relatives. The defendants do not receive a fair trial and have no right to an independent lawyer. Their families are threatened, interrogated and intimidated. Meanwhile, Pejman Fathi’s wife, Bayan Azimi, has fled to Germany with their five-year-old son. Mohammad Faramarzi’s wife, Maria Mahmoudi, has also been safe here for a few months and has been on hunger strike since yesterday to show solidarity with the 61 women imprisoned in Iran to demonstrate against the death penalty in general.

Within a few minutes, the court sentenced the men to death because there is neither a fair trial nor a rule of law in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Their execution could be carried out at any time. Together with the wives of Pejman Fathi and Mohammad Faramarzi, the mayor of Frankfurt, Dr. Nargess Eskandari-Grünberg, and Behrouz Asadi, the ISHR appeals to the German federal government to work to save the innocent prisoners.


Mohammad Faramarzi’s political godfather Steffen Krach, regional president of the Hanover region, addressed the political prisoner’s family in this video message  and announced his continued support for the prisoner’s life and freedom.

Further statements:

Behrouz Asadi , Head of House of Cultures and Intercultural Cooperation and Communication (Maltese)

If one takes stock of the regime over the last year, it can be seen that over 800 people were murdered by it and over 20,000 people are still locked up in prisons due to false accusations, slander and fear of its own citizens. The regime is trying to preserve the past and is brutally suppressing the protests. The government-controlled courts make judgments based on confessions extracted under torture. The young people who are mistreated in prisons suffer serious long-term psychological and physical damage and the length of their sentences damages their morale and soul.

Iran pursues a foreign policy that aims to cause unrest in the world and a domestic policy that stifles any thought of freedom, democracy, human rights and women’s rights.


Two days ago two young people were executed. Many more face this fate. The question is, what is the credibility of the international community if it wants to work to protect human rights, but this only remains lip service. There must be consequences that this regime can also feel. The Islamic Republic has existed for 40 years and during this time there have been thousands of murders by the state and the judiciary. The international community saw this but only condemned it with quiet words. This is not enough. There has never been a greater time for this regime to be held accountable for every new murder. There must be consequences that this regime actually feels. The ambassadors and lobbyists of this regime must be expelled, because these days letters and statements are no longer enough.

The Revolutionary Guards must be placed on the terrorist list. Since there is so much evidence that this is a terrorist organization, this should really just be a formality.

Standing up for human rights and the preservation of human rights is not an intervention in Iran’s domestic politics. This is a poor excuse for not doing anything. Don’t be tempted to take this easy route. Because this means that the entire youth of a country will soon face the executioner. We are waiting for a concrete and noticeable reaction from politicians.
We call on the EU and especially the Federal Republic of Germany to do everything possible to end the death penalty and executions.


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